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Born on a stormy day in 1953, somewhere not too far from Bergen on the Norwegian west coast - and that's about it. The author does not aim for a career on the web, and abstain from being anything but the farmer's assistant. This unique position is perfect for realizing anything worth realizing in life - and that should do.

The author is “old news”, as he started in the software/hardware-business back in 1980 (the trail of electrons goes all the way back to 1962, professionally from 1969 – on much higher and more dangerous voltages). He is in early retirement, but not quite done yet.

He doesn't play computer-games, and he does not have a passion for crossword puzzles. He leaves it to the younger generations to solve the problems they are creating, as they are the ones who will have to live with those solutions. He does not like restrictions on what can be done, so he has made a hobby out of doing it anyway.


Practical problems have to be large enough to challenge my mind, if they are not man made on purpose and should just be returned to those who created them. I like solutions, as those give me a chance to look for another problem.

Standard tools are a good thing, but standardized solutions are not. Give me a black hole, and I will study it. Give me something that is not completely understood, and I will work on it. Present me with the perfect solution, and I won't believe it. Give me as much as possible to work on, and I may end up creating many times more as I am reducing it to as little as possible.

I can write this as I no longer have problem-solving as a profession, and can go about it as a hobby for the rest of my time on this earth. I am taking life serious enough not to bother too much about it, and see no reason to start now. I prefer to live it for the time present and yet to come. Life is funny – and it is kind of fun living it too.

Out here…

I like all colors that nature has provided me with the ability to see. I use them all, sparingly and somewhat discrete but without limitations. As the sea, the forest and the mountains with the sky above have plenty of colors and shades, I can make a selection whenever I like and put it out here on our pages, as long as they do not compete for attention.

I like to read, so I provide some for others to read wherever these pages let me. I am not pretending to be a good writer – no matter what the subjects are, but I like to be understood by anyone who care to read my paragraphs. I do not mind if you point out what may be badly written, as I know I am making some mistakes in my attempts on EN-US. It has been a while…

Nothing on our pages is pushing very hard for attention, as I like to keep a somewhat low profile. Very few subjects are important enough to “raise my voice” over, my own subjects included.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 04.nov.2004
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Guess that old information is somewhat correct.
I can't remember any of it, and have to rely on other sources.


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CSS is too much fun to be taken seriously.
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All these new toys.
I'm having some serious fun on the web.
– Georg

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