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in general terms…

General rules and laws concerning ownership of original material should be respected. We do not allow for any material from to be used publicly or business-wise without our written authorization to do so.

All content on our pages is either original material or copied from open and free sources.

Original material of our own produce may be copied for private use, but are in no way to be put on display.

The open and free sources that we have copied from are listed on our credited source page, and should be used for what they are.

in practical terms…

The site is a private site, without any connections to any organization – commercial or otherwise. All resources that have gone into it have originated on the farm. We do however owe much of what have gone into the designs to countless sources on the Internet, not least of all to W3C that has provided us with most of the tools.

The source-code and CSS are as open as can be, and anyone may borrow ideas for private use. There is no copyright on inspiration. However; our creations belong to www.gunlaug.nowithout exception.

The images are of low resolution and for presentation on screens only. Normal PC screens are the default, and no printing-quality is taken into consideration.

Written material and code has originated from our own unique position, and may not be of any use to anyone anywhere else. If you find something of interest, you may use it - privately - at your own risk.

good practice…

One should refer to another site rather than to take anything but ideas from it. Our site is full of references to sites that have inspired us to create our own solutions, and we recommend that way of crediting those who should be credited.

Few have ever come far by being a copy of others, but many have come a long way by learning from others. It is like that on the internet too.

Our site is not a copy of any other site that we know of. It is hardly a copy of itself. However, nothing on our site is unique, as someone has done it before – somewhere – out here.

sincerely  gunlaug; sign
& georg; sign

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15.jan.2011 - minor revision.

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made in Norway

We make something at times, here in the land of deep fjords and steep mountains.

It's probably because we haven't got anything better to do…

made in Norway

We can make an awful mess out of whatever we lay our hands on.

It's about time we looked at the world wide web

made in Norway

- the norwegian cow


…you haven't seen the web at its best before you have seen it through Opera. get yourself an Opera-browser
Molly 'the cat'

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