credited sources…

…we sure appreciate their contribution.

in general terms…

Each of the external sources listed here, has its own set of copyright-rules. These should be looked at – at their sites – and they should be respected.

Most of these external sources follow some simple rules:
We may use their methods and code and stuff, but we may never pretend we created it ourselves. They want us to make everyone who visit our sites and see these things we have borrowed, to be made aware of who created the originals and where these originals can be found.

Variations on these simple rules can be found. If in doubt: ask the creator.

contributing sources…

You will find names and references in some of our source-code, CSS and scripts. That's the contributing sources to those pieces of code. We here at have not created these pieces of code ourselves. We may have altered them though, so you should look for the originals.

We have used negative margins for positioning and arrangements from the autumn of 2003. However, the point at which this method came into extensive use can be linked to reading Ryan Brill's solution to a problem presented at Mezzoblue in january 2004. Ryan Brill has written an article about it on A List Apart.

Wanted some fixed positioning to go with our new pages. Alex Robinson's Frames without frames provided us with a working alternative for old IE6. [26.mar.2005]

Paul Novitski wrote the script I use to create shaped corners on pages like this. This script can be used in all sorts of creative ways to visually enhance a web design, and I have yet to test out all its potentials. [23.jul.2006]

sources of inspiration…

Some of our solutions are highly influenced by someone else's work.

Use of many combinations of presentational details and content can be credited to all those sites that presents experimental solutions and solid information. Only a few of the many can be mentioned here, as ideas to what ends up in our own designs is coming from all over the web. We haven't copied much (if anything), but the inspiration is clear enough – to us.

Literary Moose's CSS Destroy (is lost – again?)

All those seemingly minor details are either inspired by someone, or maybe even reworked or avoided, because of what someone has written or presented on their site, or told us about.

It is hard to point at who influenced what, but we recognize the influence anyway because our site would have looked different without it. These sources deserve special credit:

Herløvs hjemmeside - activated a dormant programmer.
www.HowToCreate­ - what the name says.
La Chatte Noire - code - design - webprojects.
ricochet (seems to be lost.)
chelsea creek studio – real world presentation.

Thanks to all the above, and all the others who have inspired us.

sincerely  gunlaug; sign
& georg; sign

Hageland 18.nov.2004
19.dec.2008 - commented out links to sites that are lost and/or have become irrelevant.
15.jan.2011 - commented out or modified links to sites that are lost.

last rev: 15.jan.2011

credited sources…

Go look at the source.
We have only a copy…


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