Molly speaks up…

…somebody got to say it…

a voice…

If you didn't think a cat had much to say on the web, then just surf around and 'listen' to all the others out here. Do you think my voice is too weak to be heard through the choir?
Think again.

Someone is listening in from time to time, so even my tiny voice can get through. And have I got something to say!

There isn't really a “most recent” article in this blog of mine. I add articles about new subjects at the bottom of the list, but since all previously written articles are reviewed quite often, and updated if/when necessary, the whole blog is relatively new all the time.

a little hint…

IE: dead herring

If you see that gray "thing" hanging around here, then forget all about Microsoft-bashing and such. That gray thing is around, so it is just as good a target as anything else in life.

Besides, that gray "thing" is called IE6, and it doesn't make me look as good as the other browsers out here do, without a lot of bug-killing and strange workarounds. So it's a legitimate target. We've killed most bugs in it though, so maybe that's why it has lost its colors.

Now we're preparing ourselves for the arrival of IE7, and are wondering what will be left of its colors once we're finished with it. Gonna be fun.

Update [27.jul.2007]: If you've looked more in depth into what has been released from Microsoft's “smoke and mirrors” departments lately, then you already know what state IE7 is in.
Colors..?    Colors on what..?

the chief inspector decides…

We here in Southern Norway see a lot of things from everywhere around the world, and we don't mind as long as we can find something better that is "made in Norway".

Most good things in life are "made in Norway", you know — but it better be very good before I sign any paper or web page on it, because there are plenty of garbage made in Norway too – as everywhere else.
I'm pretty quality-minded you see. Cats usually are...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I like that blue "thing" best. It always makes me come out just fine, so of course I like it.
Yes, I meant Opera — "made in Norway".

Since I've been appointed chief inspector (what a nice title) for this web site, my most important task is to see to that our pages floats well in Opera. Thereafter it's time to look over them in the other browsers, and see to that Lynx is happy with them.

Maybe I'll even validate them if I've got the time, but most browsers are happy with it when my friend HTML Tidy has finished cleaning out all the 'human bugs' my author has left in the source code.

So the chief inspector (that's me) can put her paw lightly on another sweet little web page, and go on to the next.

always hard at work…

CSS sledgehammer with browser-chasing cat

It may look a bit strange with me chasing after browsers under that big sledgehammer, but there's a good reason for it. Not all browsers understand all our code in exactly the same way, so we have to adjust and trim ever so slightly here and there.

You see, we don't "sniff out" browsers using javascript and such here at our site. We "target" them with CSS code instead. So whenever I manage to catch the right browser (or group of browsers), then we can make sure our code is working.

That's what the big CSS sledgehammer is for. It can be quite persuasive, so even the most stubborn and reluctant browser will most often get in line. So if you see your browser's logo up there, then you can be sure we're getting through.

This way of doing it isn't harmful to any browser. If we don't know your browser, or maybe misinterpret its name, it usually doesn't matter at all. If it is any good, then it may come out just fine anyway. All good browsers are most welcome.

not sitting still…

I am constantly high and low and around, so don't expect me to stay on a subject for too long at a time. This isn't an ordinary blog, so I won't get overloaded with comments. No comment-sραm either, by the way.

So I can comment on this and that, and those who like may read my comments and short articles. Then I can start on a new comment or article about something I find interesting while surfing around, or maybe come up with something of my own. I often do the latter.

Not everything I'm commenting on is frozen in time, so I make revisions to my own comments also. Can't just leave these pages of mine exposed to web-rot, you know. Besides, we don't think much of archived material that's no longer of any use for ourselves and others.

I personally think that one of the major reasons why there's so much garbage on the web, is that people just write and forget. Constant evaluation and updating of my own little part of this web site, is my way of cleaning up the web – in a small way.

I recommend frequent revisiting and reevaluation of every piece anyone put out on the web. (That's also a hint to the author of this site.)

time for a nap…

Guess I've learned from my friend, the author. No need to stay awake when all the useful thoughts come to us while we're having a nap. So I think it's about time...

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 27.mar.2004
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Molly speaks up…

Molly: I'm having a lot of fun on the web.
Opera: so am I, so am I.


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