out on the pasture…

…life on the world wide web.


You have entered the about section, where I write about every little detail I think is worth writing about when it comes to web design – my own that is.

If you wanna know anything about how and/or why some of my designs are created, then this is the section to look. This is also the place if you wanna know more about cross-browser control.

The author is here – in person, and all the standard stuff about copyright, accessibility and so on are collected here.

New articles are added whenever I find there's a need. Articles I'm no longer happy with may be deleted or replaced at any time – I don't like “web rot”.

All articles in this section are revised and updated at irregular intervals. See dates below main content.

on a mission…

I like success, and it doesn't necessarily have to be my own. Thus, I participate on various discussion-lists and forums, as a supporter of well-working and standard-compliant solutions and designs for the web.

I'm a realist more than a perfectionist, so I prefer 'real world solutions' rather than 'academical exercises'. However, there's no progress in status quo, so I may involve myself in discussions about almost any issue related to web design – and sometimes even some that have nothing to do with web design.

I'm serious – at times…

Not sure anyone (who knows me) believes this headline, but seriously: it does happen (on very rare occasions)…

I've made a somewhat serious decision about my own web carpentry: I'll change things that I don't like, and then I'll keep on changing things for as long as I like.

I'm serious…

So I'll be using this section for testing and designing and changing of whatever crosses my mind, and keep on fine-tuning my web-carving skills out here where it's 'open to the public'. Web-carpentry is serious business – and a lot of fun.

going somewhere…

Exploring the options further, based solely on what I want. Doesn't matter what can be done, if I don't need or want it. Doesn't matter what can't be done if I wanna do it anyway.

For now I'm focusing on HTML and CSS, to see how far these basic web design languages can take me. I do keep an eye on all the other ingredients too, so I know which ones to choose when needs arise.

I look at the world from all angles, all the time, to make sure that my own wants and needs don't become lasting limiting-factors. I don't like limitations – they're boring.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.nov.2004
last rev: 11.nov.2008

out on the pasture…

This is the top page in a section of more than 150 pages on web design and related stuff.
I create source-ordered web pages, which means that the main content may always come first in the source code.
The focus is on content – not style.
Still, this section contains a lot of and about style, since it's mostly CSS that's covered. made with Cascading Style Sheets

I have decorated this page very light, trying to make the impression of something that is easy to achieve.
Of course; everything in web design is easy—once you know how it's done.

I hope my design-methods are of some use to my visitors also, as that's the main thing.

The site and how it works.
…it does – now and then…

— Georg

…are you sure?
— Molly 'the cat'


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  • this is PTL web-design
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  • validity of xhtml and CSS
  • html tidy
  • Opera and me
  • Firefox vs. IE
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Some 'how to' and examples tops it up – including links to offsite resources. Something for web designers and curious visitors alike.

CSS sledgehammer...
The CSS sledgehammer is the preferred tool for this web-carpenter. Perfect for controlling browsers.
See how Molly 'the cat' is chasing browsers.
Take notes. This is going to be messy.

CSS is too much fun to be taken seriously…
— Georg

…2005 - 2008