web design... #4

...free, at last...

artistic freedom…

If I wanna do this... I do it. If I wanna try that... consider it done. If it doesn't work, well...

There isn't a soul on this earth who can make me change my mind on anything – as if anybody cares. This is my art-piece, and I may not even like it enough to care myself. That's part of my artistic freedom.

Quality is not a measure of artistic freedom, and artistic freedom is not a measure of quality. I'm not selling this “masterpiece” of mine, and my artistic freedom isn't for sale either.

Looks like I got the above about right. I think I'll copyright it...

it isn't proper…

There has always been directions - leaders - and followers. It's usually a non-documented referrance to "who's who", and therefore of no real value.

Sometimes it is of value, despite of "who's who". An open mind should stay open to anything of value, no matter the source. I'm not good at remembering names...

I've written down a list of names and sources, because they have inspired and/or helped me. However, most inspiration comes from people who doesn't know much about web design. They often have wider horizons (for a short while, at least).

I don't lead, and I don't follow. That may not be “proper behavior” to some, but it sure is to me.

is it valid…?

I think so, but I couldn't care less. Web design has a technical aspect, and that's probably valid enough to pass – thanks to HTML Tidy and friends. Web design also has an expressional aspect, and that's for me to decide on. These two aspects may overlap at times, and if that means validity has to go – validity has to go...

If the term "valid" becomes a limitation... well, I don't like limitations any better if there are “standard-stamps” all over them. I deal with those if/when any problems occur – my way. Besides: (believe it or not) the validator isn't always able to sort out current standards.

Don't get me wrong. I like the “all valid” approach. But I also want it to work in your browser, and that's a valid enough approach in my view.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 09.nov.2004
last rev: 08.nov.2008

web design...

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