xhtml + CSS... #2

...hand-written source code...


Once upon a time when html was invented... Those were the days!

A simple markup-language that could bring some order to what was not an open network of scientists, military personnel and alike. That was all it was supposed to be. Just look at it now.

It wasn't all that great then, and it isn't all that great now ... but it is working. Although there are many ways to publish on the world wide web these days, most of what we get to see is based on html.

Then they changed the base somewhat, and html should be built on xml. This new tag-soup is known as xhtml, and one can almost be shot for calling it tag-soup. Today it is well-formed and semantical use of elements, and even the browsers may choke if it isn't well-formed enough.

Apart from that; nothing much have happened to xhtml. We may still write it by hand, as there isn't much software that are able to do it for us. Thus we may still cook up a real messy tag-soup if we like to, and some do...

browser support…

Browser-support is really good. Actually sometimes too good. Browsers may still try to swallow our tag-soup and present what they think we want to see, and many a "web designer" is surprised when some browser won't eat their soup.

Well, I'm no web designer, but I know a lot about software. Good and bad (and some rightout ugly)... it comes in all flawors. I like it when crystal-clear source code gives predictable results when rendered by good software, and so I don't mind what happens to tag-soup.

BTW: I've designed a lot in my time, but nothing for the web until recently. I would like to design something here too, once I've killed a few more browser-bugs. But I won't design in xhtml.


One day I hope I'll be able to carve out something I like - in CSS. Just for the fun of it, if nothing else.

CSS isn't that great a tool either—yet, but it is slowly adding something useful to the sturdy old xhtml; a presentational layer. It is still a mess, but CSS may grow up one day. Maybe some browsers will grow up too..?

In the mean time I'm playing around with the simplest "designs", and try to grow some more understanding about how to use what's already here. Since I'm no fan of pop-ups and drop-downs, I have to limit my works of web-art to more boring stuff - like in the "design" you're looking at now.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.nov.2004

xhtml + CSS...

Do I have to know what I'm doing?
Why can't I just do it...


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  • validity of xhtml and CSS
  • more xhtml & CSS
  • html tidy
  • Opera and me
  • Firefox vs. IE
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I just killed a browser...

Dear web design experts:

Web design is like any other artform.
It's alright - if you can get away with it.

No - that offset in the main column is neither a browser-bug nor a design-flaw.
It's an imitation...