...how to have more fun with (x)html and CSS...

what can we do…

CSS is adding many options to (x)html. The important issue is to understand these options, so we can create cross-browser stable solutions based on them.

As my own understanding grows, I can let my solutions flow out into the wild world wide web. No trickery or fancy stuff allowed here, as I prefer robust web carpentry.

I'm not wasting much energy on old and weak browsers. If a browser-version is amongst the less capable, then it may not be able to render these solutions correctly. IE6 is the oldest and least capable browser I've included—to a degree.

fun with floats…

Floats are not just capable of floating on a web page. They can replace other layout-methods too.

  1. partly removed
    - floats can be partly removed from the flow.
  2. nested and spread
    - nested floats spread apart and partly removed.
  3. removed floats
    - positioned and completely removed floats.


Every once in a while something triggers my curiosity. Most of the time it isn't worth anything, but on very rare occasions...

Examples will be added as I find time to create them. I even subtract some at times.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 03.mar.2005
last rev: 10.oct.2006


all options are allowed — as long as they work...


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