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Norsk English Bilingual site since 2003.

You have now arrived safely on a web site created for everyone who is young at heart. All age-groups, all nationalities – just enter. We are having fun out here on the web, and we want you to join us.

We have free-ranging dairy-cows up on the hilltops, lots of rhododendron in our gardens, views on just about everything – and most of it is reflected out here.

life on a farm

If one of our four-legged friends could speak up, it might come out like this:

“You see, the cows on this farm are in no hurry. Slowly does it, and even a small herd like us can be spread out quite a bit on our way to and from the barn. No problem since we all know where to go and what to do.

I think we are living what they call "a lazy life", and that suits us just fine. Why hurry when we can get around to do all that needs to be done anyway?

Many of our four-legged relatives on other farms around, are enjoying such freedom during the summer-months. We however are as free as this all year around – even in the midst of winter.”
Britt: no. 0086

web carpentry

web design section Developing the site from scratch based on our own taste and knowledge in web-carpentry. Writing about the process so everyone may see what our handmade pages are carved out of.

We co-work on design-projects across the globe, and are active participants in communities focusing on standard-based web design.

Being a web-carpenter is serious fun. CSS provides so much more than all the old stuff. Maybe we'll know what we're doing – some day.

In the meantime: take control of your preferred browser and surf happily ever after…

Georg; sign.

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