the 100% tall container

This white container is supposed to be 100% tall in the latest versions of all major browsers. That is: it should ideally be exactly as tall as the browser-window.

This container should also be able to expand beyond 100% height if/when the amount of content demands it. I've used 'display: table' to add that functionality, as a table will always expand with content – regardless of declared dimensions. There's enough content here for testing.

Of course: no version of Internet Explorer support CSS table, so the 5.+/win-versions get the usual workarounds.

This container should also act as a containing-block for absolute positioned elements. An image close to the bottom right corner is added for testing.
Gecko definitely doesn't want to play ball since those browsers can't position anything relative to a table. Pity.

Hageland: 25.jan.2007 — G. Sørtun
rev: 28.jan.2007

Reports about failures in any browser are most welcome...

...and that's it – for now.