Javascript enhanced CSS slideshow #5 - dev. version

More cross-browser testing needed.

Still to fix: minor CSS related appearance-flaws in a few browsers.

What's presented on this page is not a stable version. I use this very page for live experimentation and testing.
For stable versions, see the variants linked to at the bottom of this page.

from an idea picked up at Wait til I come. Enhanced with a script borrowed from same author, modified to go with this particular construction.

addressing pictures:

Each image-holder has an ID, and the in-page part of the address is used by the script as first choice – if available. Thus, we can target any particular image in the collection directly from another page.
In this demo page the IDs are “i1” through to “i6”.

on the positive side:

Pretty much the same appearance and behavior, with and without script support.

No doctype conflicts.

on the negative side:

Without script support each “previous” and “next” step through the collection becomes “recorded history” in the browsers. This will soon become a long list of in-page visits, which may make the back-button rather useless.

last modified: 24.sep.2007
by: G. Sørtun

pure CSS variants:
#1: version with scrollbar inside frame
#2: version without scrollbar
#3: version with scrollbar outside frame