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Welcome to this quite ordinary-looking but slightly unusually-acting test page.

This page can cope with quite a bit of font-resizing and other user-imposed conditions in the following browsers:

  • Opera
  • Gecko (Mozilla, Firefox etc)
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 6

It will also survive to a degree in:

  • Internet Explorer 5.2.3 /Mac

I don't know how much this layout can take, or what it will look like, in other browsers. It definitely isn't made to survive in older versions of any browser.

Note: I wouldn't use this layout for anything serious, the way it is now. However, it is functional and may be used as base for further development.


Both side-columns are dimensioned using 'em' units, while center-column is dimensioned using 'px'. This leads to font-size based width of side-columns, while center-column has a fixed width.

The result is that there's no float-drop or strange breaking of layout when users apply their preferences to this page.

There's no source-order flexibility built into this layout, so I regard it as a less usable design-solution. I might fix that – one day when I feel bored again.