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column 1 - center

Welcome to this quite ordinary-looking but slightly unusually-acting test page.

This layout will accomodate latest versions/updates of:

  • Opera (7.22+)
  • Safari (1.2.4+)
  • Firefox (1.5+)
  • Mozilla (1.7+)
  • iCab (β280+)
  • Lynx (of course)
  • IE6/win
  • IE5+/win

This layout will destroy:

  • IE/Mac (almost there)

updated: 30.nov.2005

Note: this layout isn't optimized.

column 2 - either side

Both side-columns are dimensioned using '%' units, while center-column is dimensioned using 'px'. This leads to perfectly fluid width of side-columns, while center-column has a fixed width.

Each side-column is a float that has a negative backside margin slightly larger than half the width of the center-column. That creates space for the center-column, and the rest is basic margin-adjustments and some z-index to make the right parts stay on top.

The result is that there's no float-drop or strange breaking of layout when users apply their preferences to this page. Even IE/win may play well with a little help and a few odd values.

progressive styling

I've made sure to test and achieve acceptable performance in all major browsers, and at least one good browser that's available on each OS. The rest will perform or fail based on their standard-support.