Pearl River – New York.

My “base” in the United States –  Sickletown Road, Pearl River, NY. A unique place, as what you see is one of the oldest houses in the area. The outdoor pictures above were taken around 6:30 AM, on May 22.

Here lives and works my host: Ron Zisman, with his wife Anne and their son Josh. A quiet place in the woods – if it hadn't been for the fact that roads go near by. Traffic into and through the neighborhood is like in a small town, with the expected amount of noise.

glimpses from Sickletown Rd.

The house was once the main building on a farm, and some of the fields and farm buildings are still there – on the neighbor's side of the fence. The road is passing right by on one side of the house, and in the back is the yard with some garden projects.

A patio facing the morning sun, sheltered from some of the heat in the afternoon. In the backyard is Anne's garden, more open to the sun's rays.


May 21 & 22.


On vacation in the Northeastern United States, early in the summer of 2007.