heading eastwards.

Ron and I are heading eastwards, from the New York area to the Boston area. Mission: to meet a man we have only known and appreciated for a long time as a personality on the web.

The trip took around 5 hours – plus an hour and a half wasted when we got lost in Chelsea.

David Laakso – web designer.

Here's the man I came to meet: David Laakso. David and I have corresponded for years about everything web related and a lot of other stuff, and finally we can talk face to face.

For the non-initiated: David is one of those who really help others in the world of advanced web design of today. I'm honored by being able to call him my friend.

Chelsea, Massachusetts.

A few glimpses from the area where David lived at the time we visited him, and the surrounding town. Parts of Chelsea is indeed “under the bridge”.

Now, if someone could do something about the poles for the electric wiring in those streets, as they really look a bit “unorderly” to me.


May 26th.


On vacation in the Northeastern United States, early in the summer of 2007.