cross-browser testing

This layout rely on 'width' in percentage and ordinary 'max-width'/'min-width' defined in px for the good browsers.

Internet Explorer 6 get a compact, mode-independent, IE-expression for simulation of 'max-width'. The IE-expression used can be studied at min/max – making IE/win work.

This is the simplest “works every time” solution for Internet Explorer 6 (and IE5+).

basics for wrapper:

  • width: 99%;
  • max-width: 1000px;
  • min-width: 554px;


  • date: 29. May. 2006
  • by: Georg Sørtun
  • last update: 06. Aug. 2006


px/px-based 'min/max-width' simulation in IE/win.

Testing minimal dual-mode version.