Pure CSS slideshow #4 - dev. version

Not for serious use!

A browser's history will look like a mess of in-page references after a few trips through the slideshow, making the back button more or less useless.
In short: don't use this method!

What's presented on this page is not a stable version. I use this very page for live experimentation and testing.
For stable versions, see the variants linked to at the bottom of this page.

from an idea picked up at Wait til I come.

addressing pictures

Since each image-holder have an ID as target, we can access any image in the collection from anywhere – also when linking from another page.
Below is a list of pictures on this page to choose from.

show picture:

last modified: 22.sep.2007
by: G. Sørtun

#1: version with scrollbar inside frame
#2: version without scrollbar
#3: version with scrollbar outside frame