Javascript enhanced CSS slideshow

Minor cross-browser problems.

Appearance-flaws in a few browser-versions on Mac. No big deal – they'll hopefully fix it in new versions of those browsers.

Based on an idea picked up at Wait til I come. Enhanced with a script borrowed from same author, modified to go with this particular construction.

addressing pictures:

Each image-holder has an ID, and the in-page part of the address is used by the script as first choice – if available. Thus, we can target any particular image in the collection directly from another page.
In this demo page the IDs are “i1” through to “i6”.

on the positive side:

Pretty much the same appearance and behavior, with and without script support.

No doctype conflicts.

on the negative side:

Without script support each “previous” and “next” step through the collection becomes “recorded history” in the browsers. This will soon become a long list of in-page visits, which may make the back-button rather useless.

last modified: 21.oct.2007
by: G. Sørtun