…and other disturbances…

isolated thunderstorms across central Florida…

Southern Norway: 1°C Florida: 27°C

Probably won't see any thunder­storms today, and I sure am glad there isn't any snow around. Have seen more than enough of that white stuff this winter.

Am not too bothered by the fact that bushes right next to the house need trimming. Something for another day…

I am pretty relaxed about everything these days, and why not. I am on vacation, and to me that means doing what I want at any given time even if/when that means doing nothing at all.

vacation means…

Going to steel guitar shows.
So far a trip to Lakeland, and a few more – a bit further away – to come.

Not sure how many shows I will be able to cover, but detailed plans are made.

Even here in Central Florida some nights in February are cold – measured night-temperatures near freezing a week ago, and relaxing in front of the fireplace feels so much better when there's a fire going.

Wish my wife were here.

sincerely  georg; sign
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Weeki Wachee 07.feb.2013
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So that's what he means by “cooling down” – fly to warmer climate and turn on the air-conditioning.
— Molly 'the cat'

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