…and other disturbances…

early one morning…

Went outside to look at the weather before sun-up, and am met by this nice flower cover. Sure makes me remember that I am far away from home.

OK, so according to my wife this is my second home. But as long as she is back in Norway, all I know as I look at the flowering bushes in front of my Florida home is that I miss her. Wish she were here and could enjoy the moment with me.

Those bushes are in need of trimming, and the house could do with a clean-up and some paint in a few places.

No need to do any of that today or tomorrow though. I am on vacation and it is a good and quiet one. Why spoil it.

Besides, trimming bushes while they are flowering is not a good idea, and I haven't decided on paint for the surface that needs a new stroke the most. Needless to say I have learned only too well how to put off things, and I am not sure if that is such a bad thing.

the comfort…

I do like the pretty massive fireplace in this house, especially when there's a coldspell coming down over Central Florida so I can use it for heating.

Have been a few cold periods so far this winter, and there is one right now. Each only lasting a few days, but with night temperatures below 5°C I have my excuse to light up a few logs in the fireplace and sit up into the night writing about it.

Burning logs in the fireplace reminds me of cosy winter nights at home in Norway. It is cosy here too, just not quite the same and (luckily) no snow outside.

I will be on my way north-west in a few days, to be at this year's Jamboree in Dallas. Looking forward to it, and hope the roads further north are good.

sincerely  georg; sign
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Weeki Wachee 03.mar.2013
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Have to wait a few months to see something like that here in Norway.
— Molly 'the cat'


I have a Dekley D10 steel guitar set up here in Florida, and spend an hour or two every other day or so practicing.

Should practice a lot more if the goal was to become really good at playing this contraption. But as I mainly play for fun and distraction, jamming along with whatever gets played on the local music channels for a while at the time will have to do.


From time to time I turn my steel guitar on its side and perform minor mechanical adjustments on it.

It is my intent to modify its copedent to something more like the one I have in Norway, but as with most else I do here it isn't exactly a rush-job. I like to keep it playable at all time, so one little modification at a time will have to do.

Have ordered some original parts for the old Dekley, so in time I will add new functions to it. New parts to a brand that hasn't been produced since 1985 are hard to come by. I regard myself lucky to have found the source for some.