…and other disturbances…

back on line after 4 months…

Back in April 2013 my provider cut off the slow and insufficient, but for the most part working, satellite internet connection, as backing from the public “broadband guarantee” disappeared. So for the last 4 months I have been without internet connection, while waiting for fiber-optics to spread into our part of Norway.

Waiting off line, with no real alternatives around in our area, has caused some serious problems and plenty of frustration, but last Thursday (Aug.22.2013) the lines were in place, in-house units were connected, and I got real broadband. Service provider: Altibox - Agder Breiband

Some test‐data at the time of writing:
Illustration 1: download: 58Mb/s, upload: 79Mb/s, ping: 11ms Illustration 2: download: 65Mb/s, upload: 43Mb/s, ping: 35ms

Illustrations show the usual spread in test–data. No big deal with such high speeds.

Exactly what speed I will end up with and call “sufficient”, I don't know. As I go for a package consisting of internet, TV and phone, I'll balance the need for speed over time as more computers and units get connected and I get some experience with the new connection. For now I am happy that it's all up and working just fine.

house renovation…

Built around 1920 and upgraded last time in 1985, our house is in need of a fix.

Solidly built, with most of the original structure intact, but sorely lacking in insulation to keep cold and windy winters from affecting indoor climate.

Work on all 4 walls should be finished this summer, turning the house all dark brown on the outside. Some work on roof and inside will be left for next year, as good weather is important when working topside and it is difficult to get things right on the inside when the outside is unfinished.

We are of course aiming to make our house as practical and comfortable as possible to live in all year round. Stable temperature and good quality air are important ingredients, which means a lot of details have to be made just right once and for all.

Mostly sunny days in our area now, and weather has been pretty OK for the last 6‐8 weeks. Hope the good weather lasts for a while so we can get work done as planned on the house and around on the farm.

sincerely  georg; sign
farm assistant

Hageland 25.aug.2013
last rev: 26.aug.2013


On line first time in 1996. Proper connection installed in 2013.
Things Take Time…
— Molly 'the cat'

Internet service provider: Agder Breiband


Moonlight over our farm…

A couple of heifers starting the journey to another farm.

building project

Climatic conditions favor Royal impregnated shiplapped siding on our house.