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I have from time to time written about a fiber-optic connection since back in 2008. Counting back to late autumn 2007 when we started planning, one can clearly say that we have waited a while.

Writing this while off-line, as for over a month now I have had no internet connection on our farm in Norway. The service provider dropped the satellite link at the end of april, and no alternatives were ready when all went dead.

The picture shows intermediate termination point on our farm for a fiber‐optic cable that crosses rivers, woodland, mountains, roads and pastures for miles, to supply us with internet, phone, TV and whatever else we need to stay in touch with the world without having to leave the farm.

Not the easiest terrain for laying cables, but all pipes and boxes are in place all the way to the attic of our house. Now it is up to the professionals to finish the job and connect us.

on the last leg…

Locals have worked hard for years to make it happen. It is amazing what can be achieved when many pull in the same direction, and don't give up half way despite foolish resistance from the less progress-oriented parts of our community.

At the time of writing some clients along the first stretch are connected, and all seems to work just fine for them. Our farm is near the end of the stretch – the other side of a small mountain, and will most likely have to wait a few more weeks. We have been promised that all clients/homes that are ready for it should be connected now in june 2013.

Don't know if this report gets on the web until we have our own, local, internet connection up and working. Regardless, now it is written and ready for launch.

sincerely  georg; sign
farm assistant

Hageland 11.jun.2013
last rev: 28.jun.2013


I like progress, and can't help wondering why not all others do too.
— Molly 'the cat'