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I needed an undisturbed surface to write some additional notes to all the other stuff you'll find around on our site. So a quick clean-up gave me this, where decorations are kept at a minimum and we can focus on content. That's what you're here for, isn't it?

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I won't wander very far away from the subject of this section, but not everything is about code and (x)html and CSS and stuff like that. If I think it's useful for someone in this trade, then it may well end up here whatever it is.

The simple reason for having additional pages like these, is to avoid extremely long pages with a lot of sub-sections. These pages will be added as sub-sections when needed.

Each page is complete on a subject, but you will end up jumping between different subjects and categories if you surf these pages linearly.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 07.apr.2005
last rev: 24.feb.2009


  1. the uninterrupted UPS - technical - the differense between a well-working UPS unit and all the weak units that are also known as UPS
  2. when lightning strikes - technical - how we can provide some protection for our computer-equipment against lightning discharges
  3. information-overload at all ends - editorial - about handling huge amounts of available information on/via the web
  4. unobtrusive CSS - web design - using CSS-trickery and GIF-transparency for selected background images in different browsers
  5. protecting the image - web design - careful transformation of images for use on this web site
  6. broken page - typographical fix - make it look right
  7. communication across barriers - editorial - writing on the web
  8. define “internet trolls” - editorial - about handling disturbances
  9. state of the web - editorial - evolution is a messy process
  10. in accordance with standards - web design - which standards?
  11. my preferred approach/working-order - web design - how I go about designing for the web.
  12. prepared for IE7 - web design - how I separate styles.
  13. em font-resizing bug in IE/win - web design.
  14. min/max-width in Internet Explorer 6 - web design.
  15. 'position: fixed' in Internet Explorer 6 - web design.
  16. Internet Explorer 6 works best in Quirks mode - web design.
  17. CSS based 'position: fixed' in Internet Explorer 6 - web design.
  18. the “cool” factor on the web - editorial.
  19. 100% tall page – unfinished - web design.
  20. fully centered web page - web design.
  21. web designers potential downfall - editorial.
  22. equal height columns - web design.
  23. image-scaling in browsers is pretty unreliable - web design.
  24. provide information beyond the visual - web design.
  25. Don't Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE! - web design.
  26. the layout used on this site - definitely web design.
  27. more min/max-width in Internet Explorer 6 - web design.
  28. <b> & <i> vs. <strong> & <em> - web design.
  29. accepted, rejected, ignored or undecided - editorial.
  30. why “the norwegian cow is mooooo-ing the world” - editorial.
  31. IE8 version targeting - web design.
  32. approach IE8 betas with caution - web design.
  33. signal vs. noise in two-way communication - editorial.
  34. only IE needs DOCTYPE - web design.
  35. to hack or not to hack - web design.
  36. trends in web design and communication - editorial.
  37. font size matters as much as ever - web design.
  38. same ol' bugs - editorial.
  39. various degree of browser support - web design.
  40. apparent madness across browser-land - web design.
  41. achieving cross-browser support - web design.
  42. browser targeting CSS hacks - web design - testing CSS support across browser-land.
  43. prepared for progress - web design - preparing for improved standards support.
  44. dated information on the web - editorial - a look at undated and outdated documents.
  45. Adaptive Zoom = Opera Zoom - web design - even IE8 got it now.
  46. polyglot documents - serious fun - creating “universal” source-code.
  47. our wonderful CSS 3 future - web design - bogged down in the past.
  48. a browser agnostic approach to web design - web design.
  49. old IE6 is obsolete and has to go - web design.
  50. what I really want to do about IE6 - web design.
  51. browser stats and other fun-games - web design.
  52. results from a tough javascript test - web design.


1. putting in or on: the act of adding something onto or into something else
msn Encarta

extra: added on to something else
msn Encarta

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