Molly speaks up...#5

...I'm .rpm...

do I have a say in this..?

Well, I guess it's official now… I am labeled as an '.rpm-extension'. I haven't got the slightest idea about what that is, but I hope it isn't bad for my image. Anyway, here's what it says:

...what can I say...

extension to what..?

I've got an extension to my rear — a tail, and it's good for balansing. Maybe I am such an extension on this site too, as a kind of balance to all the rubbish extremely nice web-carpentry and all the other animals and stuff around here.

Yeah, that must be it! I feel much better now, knowing that I have an important role to play. Maybe not so bad being an extension, after all.

it's a fake — must be…

I had to make some false choices in that "survey". I have no idea what kind of game a "minesweeper" is, since I don't play any of those computer-games. No way around it though — I had to choose one of the available options.

Couldn't they at least have given me a chance to say: "I like to play with that blue 'e' "? I'm really good at the game of hide and seek amongst all the bugs in Internet Explorer, so I might have ended up as another extension if I was given real choices. No such luck, of course.

predefined answers…

Ok, so it's a joke, but all "surveys" that only let one select between predefined answers are just that — jokes. Mostly really bad jokes too, hahaha - miaohohoo.

Some "surveys" are based on the assumption that if someone have opinions outside a predefined range, then they must be some kind of troll — or something else not worth mentioning in public. Opinions are bad if they deviate from "the right ones", and that's it!

The inquisition should be something of the past, but the same rules seems to be valid today. Some body are defining the rules, and no one is allowed to go outside the boundaries set by those rules. Free minds are not permitted anywhere — unless they are properly validated.
Let's have another "survey"...

full circle…

Extensions or not: I'll balanse my own opinions for my own use, and fake them to fit anywhere else where they are of no use — to me or anyone else. No need to complicate matters, as they are just matters of opinion anyway.

Miao...uh... I wonder if I should take these matters somewhere else, as they may simply be too complicated for "single-minded survey-jokers/-makers".

It is time to standardize all opinions into one, and dump them into a hole (or into another "survey") somewhere along the mainstream. Thereafter new opinions can be made on another matter, whatever that may be.
You've either got it by now, or you haven't, so let's not extend this any further...

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 16.feb.2005
rev: 21.feb.2005

Molly speaks up...

...I take milk with my .rpm...
Opera: ...what..?
Molly: you're soo slow...


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there's a cat loose...

...hide that dead herring...

Dear visitor:

There's a cat and mouse game going on.
Microsoft launches another bug, and we just have to catch it.
I'm good at this game, you know... miaoo.
Can hardly wait till B.G. releases IE7...
...I'll give it a scratch.


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