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...Opera 9 preview / beta / final...

Merlin has arrived...

Opera 9 has been thoroughly tested, and I can assure you that despite a few negative points; it gets my approval as the best browser I so far have tested on a windows-box.

Opera web browser

No surprise really, as I have followed Opera through its preview and beta stages, and scratched down my notes about its progress as each version arrived. I've had the final up and running for quite a while now, and it's living up to my expectations. Our latest is Opera 9.02.

I am constantly rewriting this article to reflect my latest impressions, while keeping some of the older notes in place for reference.

going back to preview 1...

Well, it is only a 'technical preview', but if Opera 9.0 preview 1 is anything to go by, then the final is sure to get my approval.

Now, what took you so long? I've been waiting for this for months now. Don't you know life is short? Oh well, thanks anyway.

Sure looks like the code-name was well founded. Merlin seems to have introduced some real new magic into my old friend Opera, and the effect on the old Presto-engine was immediately noticeable.

Note[08.feb.2006]: Opera 9.0 preview 2 is released into the wild. I'm testing it for windows now, and so can anyone else by visiting Opera Software beta testing. I'll be back on the subject.

Note[29.mar.2006]: it's been known for a couple of weeks now that Opera 9 (weekly builds) passes the acid2 test. Comparing the progress in Opera with what Internet Explorer can manage, is quite interesting.

Note[20.apr.2006]: Opera 9 beta has arrived, and is working well – as expected. Nothing new (that I've noticed) compared to preview 2, but it is now a stable, public, beta.

Note[25.may.2006]: Opera 9 beta2 is up and running, and running, and running...

Note[20.jun.2006]: Opera 9.00 final is in the box. Now it's time for some serious testing, and fine-tuning of those user-preferences.

web surfer's browser...

“Yes, definitely! Opera is securing its place as 1st choice – the only choice – for real web surfing.”
― Molly 'the cat'

I'm going to take this preview version for a spin around the world wide web, and look at a lot of nice, floating, web pages. Maybe I'll even have a look at some old <table> designs, for nostalgic reasons if nothing else.

While doing so I'll keep an open eye for broken designs, and see if I can't find just a tiny little "bug" somewhere in Opera while I'm at it. I can't really believe they're all gone...

Note [24.oct.2005] I've noticed some stubbornness when I wanna switch between tabs, and I have to try back and forth between tabs to get to the one I want. A 'Lock tab' related problem, I think.
Also, it doesn't remember where I've been and what links I've followed after a shut-down or a crash. Yes, it has crashed a few times. Preview-problems, I guess.

Note [09.dec.2005] Opera 9 will support opacity when the final release is launched. That's really good news since it's already on my wishlist.
What about those bookmarks to cat sites?

web designer's browser...

“Now we're really getting somewhere.”
the author

Yeah, even the not so fantastic web designer and author thinks this is looking good. The most disturbing bugs are fixed (see case [1] and [2]).

Now he can keep on challenging Opera's rendering engine with some more hopeless and absurd designs. I can't really understand why he should do that, but I guess it's just one of his many human bugs that I'm unable to fix.

I'm sure he is going to break this Opera-version too. He breaks everything within reach, so nothing new around here. Think I'll just let him have his fun.

First priority now is to fix his own bugs on this site before anyone else notice them. I already have, so there's no way he can get away with them.
(Looks like he has cleaned up already. The power of CSS, I guess.)

Note [14.aug.2006] We're testing out the Web Developer Toolbar in Opera 9.01. Some useful tools there, so this is an extension we hope will be developed further.

finally – Opera 9 final...

It's a good browser. Not perfect, but as mentioned above: "the best browser I so far have tested on a windows-box". I have still to download and test it on Mac OS-X, so I can't comment on that yet. Others have tested Opera on a Mac though, and it seems to hold its lead well.

We use browsers for regular surfing, and for design-work, and Opera keeps its place as the default browser for both. The other browsers are useful for testing and design-tweaking, but are otherwise only allowed on line when they need an update. Pity on them, really...

Guess it has a lot to do with “personal preferences”, but everything web-related is easy when Opera is around. Now we're toggling back and forth between our ordinary surfing setup and the Web Development Setup, and it is a rare thing to see the not so fantastic web designer and author make such an extensive use of a development-tool as he does now. I think he likes it!

So, finally, after all the disappointments with Opera 8, we're back on track again. Only a few more (quite managable) browser-bugs to take care of, and they don't bother us all that much. Guess we will find some absurd bugs as time goes by, but hopefully the people behind this browser find them first, and fix them in upcoming versions.


Yes, Opera 9 is a good browsers – no question about that. We're demanding customers, so maybe “good” isn't quite “good enough” for long, but it'll do – for now.

Basic options, tools and preferences have changed slightly from previous versions, so there are a few things we “advanced users” need a bit of time getting used to. Most changes are seen as improvements though.

You can be sure I'll investigate further and watch the progress. Will include some more notes when I can find the time.

It is time to switch back to regular surfing mode, and have a look at the world wide web. “Come on old friend. Let's burn some sites on the web together.”

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 20.oct.2005
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Molly speaks up...

Molly: ...where did all those bugs go?
Opera: ...are you missing them?
Molly: ...not really.


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promotion: haven't seen the web at its best before you have seen it through Opera. get yourself an Opera-browser

wish list for Opera 9:
  1. Opacity!
  2. Delivered with a bunch of bookmarks to cat sites.
  3. Fix those list-problems related to 'position: relative'.

...oh, and, well... Can I have just a tiny little Opera-bug to play with, please?


Thank you, that'll do just fine. Back to the bughouse...

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