Molly speaks up... #21 time passes by...

beauty sleep...

Woke up one morning, had the usual swirl around a small part of the web with my favorite browser – and saw this...

page last changed 36 years ago

Couldn't believe my eyes. Had I slept that long? If that message is correct then this is the year 2042. Gosh!

Well, one shouldn't believe everything that's written on the web. In fact; I'm not sure if it is safe to believe anything that's written on the web. No big deal, really. It is kind of funny to see such absurd messages though.

Anyway, that message gives me an excuse to reflect on time; past, present and yet to come – as if I ever needed an excuse for anything. I don't, you know.

define time...

I can find the correct world time, and even a pretty accurate local time if I ever need to know. I'm more interested in time at another level though.

[time is] “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future, regarded as a whole” Wikipedia

Sounds pretty obvious, but the indefinite part is of less importance to me. The following is more like it, I think.

[time is] “defined by the spaces between the last meal in the past, the nap I have at present, and the next meal in the near future” ― Molly 'the cat'

Sometimes I feel that those spaces becomes too wide, so I have to do something in order to shorten them. Miao, (scratch, scratch) (I want that cow-milk now).

about time...

Yes, there's a time for everything, and I feel strongly that it is about time that I had my say on what all that time should be spent on. Me, of course!

I guess a little bit of time might be spent on less important issues... but not much, as that would be concidered a complete waste of time – by me.

The only problem is that nobody around here seem to take all that much notice of what I think about such good use of time. They spend most of their time on unimportant issues like earning money and socializing. Sometimes they even watch TV... What a waste!

time warp...

In order to discontinue the all-absorbing obsession humans have with time — either too much of it, or not nearly enough — we cats have to introduce our own time warp. That's not as hard as it may sound, as we just add a bit of relativety to the space-time continuum, and access the fracture with the speed of light. A simple matter for an enlightened farm-cat like me.

Of course, this tactic only works for a very short time, but sometimes that's just enough to achieve my goals. Once I'm satisfied, I can leave those foolish humans to their wastefull use of their own time.

I wonder why time has become such an important part of human lives, when they keep on wasting it all the time. Oh, well, I have my own agenda, and can't waste more time on humans right now.

another time – maybe...

What I could tell those humans about proper use of time, if only they took the time and listened to me. Oh, well... it's their loss. Another time – maybe.

Now, what's that..? I can clearly hear a sound I've heard many times before. I think the farmer is on her way to prepare for milking. I can hear those distant cow-bells too. Can't waste any more time around here right now. Bye for now... See you – some other time.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 22.feb.2006
last rev: 24.feb.2006

Molly speaks up...

Molly: it's about time...
Opera: for surfing?
Molly: what else?


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  1. early mouse-hunting.
  2. some cow-milk.
  3. a nap.
  4. play around.
  5. another nap.
  6. some delicious cat food.
  7. yet another nap.
  8. play around some more.
  9. some more cow-milk.
  10. some sleep - maybe.

...I'm not following that agenda too strictly.

Molly's corner…