Molly speaks up... #11

...way to go...

Adobe GoLive CS2 - with Opera...

Miaouuuuu. That sure looks like a really good integration.

Adobe GoLive info

Just think about it: my Opera get to show the pages first, just as it should. Perfect!

high hopes...

Maybe even my author might like to play with that one from time to time. You never know — even a hand-coder may want to do things differently—when it works.

There has got to come something good out of it with Opera in on the team. Now everyone can develop web sites for both large and small screens — just like us.

ok — test first...

Miao, yes, of course. We will have to give that package a real thorough test before commenting too much on it. My first impression is pretty good though.

Guess my hand-coding author is a bit harder to persuade than most, so it may take I while before I can put my paws on that piece of software for real.

Meanwhile, I'll look around for more information about Adobe GoLive CS2, and check up on Opera from time to time.

more ahead...

Things seems to go my way these days. More and more of the features I like most are becoming integrated parts of Opera, and Opera is becoming an integrated part of more and more soft- and hardware solutions. Who can ask for more?

I'll leave you with this press release from Opera Software. I think that says it all.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

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Molly speaks up...

Molly: you see that?
Opera: ...have you forgotten who I am?


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