Molly speaks up... #22

to blog or not to blog...

am I blogging?

Yes, I think I am, but this is not your ordinary blog that is open for on-line comment-posting. I write something, or about something, and it is here for you to read if you wish. There's always a channel open for serious comments, but there's no commenting-form on this blog.

I have seen enough mindless and insane blog-comments to last a life-time, so even if a cat may have nine lives as some say, I won't waste a single one of them on catering for such blog-comments.

It's a pity, really, as good comments usually add real value to any blog. Quite often it is the good comments that make visiting and reading blog-posts worthwhile.

composite blogging...

I'm blogging about “this” and “that” – most often about “something else”. Quite a few short articles about browsers on this site, and some of those are part of my blog.

Can't really avoid writing some about the tools most used by web surfers, as one of my favorite activities is to surf the web. So much strange to see, and often something I can share with my author.

I'm mostly looking at pictures, while my author may read through most of what's written on a site – if he finds it interesting. So even though we share browsers, keybords and mice, our interests are somewhat divided. Those divides are often reflected in our own scratching writing too, but not always.

Anyway, I get the pleasure of having my name placed firmly at the end of many an article with mixed messages. Composite blogging sounds just fine, to me. We also update our articles from time to time, and may mix in some more.

There isn't really a “most recent” article in this blog of mine. I add articles about new subjects at the bottom of the list, but since all previously written articles are reviewed quite often, and updated if/when necessary, the whole blog is relatively new all the time.

We may even delete some – permanently and without a trace – if we don't think it belongs here anymore. To some that is wrong, as blog-archives are seen as more or less static resources for future use. No problem if the information is timeless, but outdated information is disinformation in our opinion, and should be permanently removed from the web.

yes, I do get comments...

Be sure, I'm not writing my blog in complete isolation. Although the number of comments to articles in my exclusive corner of the web is quite small, they do arrive from time to time – by mail. Some are addressed to little me, and some are addressed to the author. We share the same mail address that can be found near the bottom on the author's page.

We usually keep such comments to ourselves, but that doesn't mean they are completely wasted. After replying via mail – which we always do when a real comment arrives, we reflect on what might be of value for existing and future publishing on our site.

Re-evaluation and updating of content is often initiated by comments, but the content and appearance is our own. Woudn't make much sense to line our site up with what others might like. If they like something so much, then I'm sure their own site reflects that – if they got one. We are who we are, and it is highly unlikely that our style will change much because of any comments.


“ should come through as a bit more serious...” ― anonymized

I am always extremely serious, so it must be something wrong at the receiving-end. On the other hand; I don't take much of what I find on the web, or elsewhere, all that serious. I even find a lot of it to be close to the edge of becoming hilarious rather than serious, and my writing-style (lightly moderated by my author) may reflect that impression. So, in all seriousness...

For what it's worth: I don't believe certain ways of using words affect the degree of seriousness a person/article/whatever should be ranked at. Such factors can be easily manipulated, since most humans can learn how to serve complete nonsense wrapped in a layer of “correct” wording. Plenty of Bullshit around...

All I want is to expose my views on things to anyone interested, and I don't think I should tell anyone what's important or not. Most readers are able to figure out what matters, to them, for themselves.

don't comment much on blogs...

We usually visit a dozen or more blogs a day, and maybe a quarter of those may catch enough of our attention to be read. Maybe one or two comments are placed on interestings blogs/articles during an extremely buzy blog-reading week, and only if we think we have something of value to add.

My author may sometimes write comments that he doesn't post, simply because he wants to put something in writing on a subject – without feeling the need to share his views with anyone. May sound strange, but at least he doesn't pollute blogs with “me too...” comments that way.

We never comment anywhere in order to get a link to this site, but of course the link is there when a real comment is posted – if we remember to include it. It isn't important since we never check google-ranking and site-statistics anyway. More and more 'URL (rel="nofollow" enabled):' on blog-links is also making blog-postings more interesting to read – strangely enough.

a pattern...

Some may find a pattern in the above, and “distancing” might be one word for it. Some may even wonder if there is a purpose behind being here at all with such a “distancing”. Well, I don't really know if “having a purpose” is important, but I think there is one.

It is interesting to see what others might come up with from time to time, and it is also good to have a place to publish a selected few of our own thoughts, interests and what-not when we feel like it. So there you are: there is a purpose behind this site and our blogging after all.

The fact that we do not often write “serious” articles about, and post comments on, what others might find “important”, is probably just an accident. Besides; this site is just a sideshow – a minor distraction – in our lives.

The really serious and important stuff goes on in another world – far away from the world wide web – where a sip of warm cow-milk is a welcome reward once the keyboard-scratching and screen-viewing is finished for the day. I wish you were here so you could share some with me.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 27.mar.2006
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...most humans can learn how to serve complete nonsense wrapped in a layer of “correct” wording.
— Molly

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