Molly speaks up... #10 what...

what's going on..?

I don't really know what's going on, but it looks like we may be near the end of an era. Complicated stuff, but it may affect me and all my friends here on the farm, so I'll mention it while I have the chance.

Looks like our author may take a long walk very soon, and he won't say where he's going or when he'll be back—if ever. Won't be much happening around here then.

going somewhere..?

The thing is: my friend, the author can't walk all that well anymore—walking is really painful for him, so I'm not sure what he mean by "taking a walk". Can't ask him in depth about it either, as it looks more and more like he just want to be left alone. He is like that at times.

Don't think it matters much to him where he is, as long as he is completely alone and undisturbed. His mind seems focused on matters that few humans focus on, and I'm not even human, so I am completely lost here. I like to be all alone at times though, so I can understand that part.

He won't even share these matters with anyone. "It doesn't matter", he says, so I guess it doesn't—whatever it is.

what about..?

...No, I don't think such questions will get me nearer to understanding what's going on. He won't answer those questions, and he doesn't care much about what others may think, since it probably doesn't really matter to anyone else what he thinks. Sounds a bit odd, doesn't it?

He doesn't give a timeframe—in any order. I'm not even sure if time matters at all to him anymore. Night and day doesn't matter to him, and he hardly ever look at a watch. Well, nothing new in that, really.

Guess we all have our ups and downs, but right now he doesn't show signs to have either. Things are going rather well for him now, really, but that seems lost on him too— just like water on a goose. He has stopped doing all the things he used to do, and are sort of "turning everything off" as if it has no meaning to him anymore.

Maybe that's a clue, as he used to work more at times when he felt a little bad, but now he isn't doing anything. It doesn't look like he feel bad or depressed, but rather like he isn't feeling anything. I don't think he likes that anymore than I do, as it is as if there's nothing ahead to reach for. Nothing more to do?

one day at a time...

Well-well, it doesn't help to speculate. I'm a wise cat, so I'll just take the days as they come. Wish he would do the same, but I'm not sure he can.

This site is depending on my dear author, as I can't keep it up on my own.
So now what — miaoo?

Update [13.mar.2005]: The short answer from the author is that there are more important things in life than a web site. Besides: he isn't dead yet.
I guess that clarifies things — a bit.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

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Molly speaks up...

...that's it, isn't it..?
Opera: ...maybe—maybe not.


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