Molly speaks up… #12

…Thunderbird reclaimed my inbox…

before and after

Thunder and lightning — miaou...
...and I thought most birds were more "my size".

“May I have my mail now, please?”

before: galactic mailchaos…

msn mailbox

You see, we almost lost our inbox to all those {can not be spoken out loud) low-lives that destroy mailboxes all around the web. Yes, I nearly lose my temper just by thinking about it, so pardon my language.

Well, help was desperately needed if we should be able to stay in touch with all our friends out here, without having to lock down and shut out and password-protect and whatever around almost everyone and everything. The situation was just as chaotic as it sounds, and that's an understatement.

rescue operation…

msn mailbox

I kept on looking high and low and behind every pixelated bush out here on the web, and worked around the clock just to keep our poor inbox afloat.

It was almost impossible to find out who was sending what, and rescue the well-intended mail from all the garbage that flowed in all the time. 90% garbage plus some innocent nonsense, and amongst all that was the friendly mail—somewhere. It was a hopeless situation.

Help was indeed needed, and I searched further and further for... something. And there it was—the solution—the answer to my frenetic miaouu, and it sure looked scary at first. What a big bird!

Thunderbird reclaimed my inbox…

Thunderbird's homepage

It looks more "my size" on the button over on the right side, but it must have scared someone because all of a sudden our inbox started to look more like an inbox should. That was strange…

I can let go of the inbox for long periods, and it is still looking good when I return. Took a while to get used to actually.

I can see that some of those {can not be spoken out loud) low-lives are still trying to burden our inbox at times. They never succeed though, as Thunderbird wipes out their garbage right before my eyes. Gone…

Thunderbird won't let go…

Thunderbird's homepage

I must say that bird looks more and more friendly as each day passes. My inbox has never looked so clean, and I haven't lost any of my mails either. One or two mails may be misplaced each month because something strange is written in them, but they aren't lost.

Mail from my friends are filed nicely in separate folders, and mails for my author are also filed and easy for him to find. He likes to open his own mail now, something he wasn't too happy about earlier.

after: what a relief…

Now I can focus on my main task on this site: being chief inspector. That's a lot more relaxing, you know.

You should visit my friend Thunderbird, if you haven't already. You can take my words for it: Thunderbird is a good friend to have around your inbox at all times.

For how long has Thunderbird been with us? I don't remember dates, but that bird has filed more than 50,000 clean emails in those folders by the autumn of 2008. Yes, we archive most of the good ones.

Update: [21.nov.2008] upgraded to Thunderbird version is yesterday.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

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