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...Opera8.0 — 8.50...

forget it, I think...

[22.apr.2005]: Got our copy of the new Opera8.0 "in the box" a few days ago. Not much I can say about it other than that this is still very much a buggy βeta. No "final release" notes can change that.

My author won't "fix" any pages for Opera8.0, since that will break them everywhere else — even in Opera7.54 which he currently uses. Hard to argue against that, so I won't.

Update [22.sep.2005]: Opera8.50 is in daily use on our windows-machines now, but that version isn't improved on any major points regarding code-handling. Still very much a βeta with a number of absurd bugs and regressions, so this article is as relevant as it ever was.

However, if we just count number of bugs and look at how serious they are, then even that bugger comes through with flying colors in the world of competing browsers. That says something about the state of the web, doesn't it?

Update [20.oct.2005]: Opera9.0 preview 1 is occupying some disc-space as of today. Looks like a real improvement.

Update [16.aug.2006]: Opera9.01 is found to be the most capable browser at the moment. The problem is definitely fixed!


My author doesn't debug βeta-versions of any browsers while he awaits stable ones. He's too busy for that sort of thing, and we can't all be βeta-testers.

He has filed a couple of bug-reports on this "final release", mostly related to handling of floats (see case [1] and [2]), and may add some later on. The rest is up to those who are paid to fix things, and those who like debugging software while others are out — swimming.

The whole "thing" is a disgrace for mankind (miao), and has so many logical and standard flaws that one could be forgiven for thinking it was made like that on purpose. Where is the quality-control in Opera Software ASA? Has that department drowned? Well, they either already have, or they should be!

Time is not unlimited, and my author prefer to waste it on something that seems slightly more useful at our end. I agree, of course!
Miao; will you kindly pass the milk – partner?


Opera web browser - download

That "thing" they've released sure does not perform anywhere near like what I've come to expect from Opera. Hope someone can "fix" it pretty soon, as it's a bit sad to see my favorite browser like this.

Nothing to worry or become confused about, as everything will probably fall back in line in a later version — once they have fixed that "thing". Opera Software has indicated that a new and improved version is on the planning-board — somewhere. That's good news (I think).

While we are waiting: that "thing" is still capable of making all the other browsers look like they were made in the age of steam-engines – and it's free, so I—Molly 'the cat'—will advice everyone who want to see the web of today, to download the latest version of Opera as quick as those servers can get it out.


Now, how can I write such confusing and conflicting statements about my favorite browser? No problem, really. I'm just exercising my right of free speach.

Update [22.sep.2005]: It is a bit confusing when they keep improving its quality and speed as a surfing-instrument, while degrading its handling of code. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Opera's user-interface is the best I've seen so far, and reliable speed-tests put Opera at the very front. That's all fine and most welcome, although we're not actually noticing much change from earlier versions at our end.

As web designers it's Opera's reaction, or rather lack of same, to complex CSS, which haunts every project we're working on—including this very site, that is disturbing. It's simply not good enough for an otherwise advanced browser like Opera, and it's getting worse rather than better when comparing the latest releases.

We cats can't "fix" the lack of progress in the human world. All we can do is wait while they do their stunts and other activities. Only time can tell if something useful will come out of it. I'm always hopeful...

Think I'll kill a few more Internet Explorer bugs, just to pass the time. What a simple "fix".

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

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Molly: ...what was that?
Opera: ...sorry — it's bugging me too.
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