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forgive, and forget…

“Which browser I use?
Don't ask such a stupid question” — miaou, oh well.

That “browser-thing” is called “nettleser” (net-reader) in Norwegian, but the response is about the same as everywhere else. A quite high number of ordinary people who use such a “thing” daily, becomes confused when asked about it.

Be careful not to ask them which browser they use, as some may actually get mad. If you get an answer at all, then it's probably not the correct one. Besides, they may take you for being some kind of fool who doesn't know anything.

It's tough being a curious cat in a world of ignorance, so better forgive, and forget.

blessed ignorance…

Does it really matter? It shouldn't you know. The whole idea about the world wide web is that everyone should have free access to all that's out here, so it really shouldn't matter what they know about anything.

I think someone have misunderstood something here, and some make big money out of keeping knowledge at this low level. It has always been like that, and it hasn't improved in our age of information-technology.

Blessed be the ignorant among us. They'll probably get their reward some day, but at a high prize. They'll probably stay ignorant about that too.

how should I know..?

I have no idea what others use for surfing. No idea why they are surfing either, and even less of an idea whether they themselves know what it's all about.

The author on this site often get questions about this and that concerning computers and software-programs. He's expected to know since he has been in the business for more than 25 years, and yes — he knows a lot. He has probably forgotten 10 times more over the years.

He doesn't know what's going on inside other peoples computers though, unless they at least tell him which one it is and what software they use. That's when the fun begins.

Many people don't understand this "lack of knowledge", since a computer is just a computer to them. The general responce from these people is: how should I know if the “expert” doesn't know a “common computer”?

Oh, well … my authorthe expert—hasn't been anywhere near their “common computer”. He has never seen a “common computer” in his life, actually – just quite a number of computers.

The same goes for internet-surfing, where many expect everyone else to use the same software and have the same experience as themselves. Talk about ignorance…

The number of possible combinations of hardware and software that may affect the web-surfing experience, is equal to or higher than the number of electronic units that can connect to the internet one way or another. That's a pretty high number.

There are at least a dozen ordinary browsers in active use around. Add in a few versions for each, and the number grows to a hundred or so. Each of these can have add-on software and work together with extra hardware in a multitude of ways, and some settings may be completely tailor-made to suit someone's wants and/or needs.

We are talking about hundreds of millions of possible scenarios here. If something isn't working at their end, then they better fix it—at their end, because I haven't got the slightest idea what's at their end. Got it? How should I know?


If we go just a little outside the group of people who wants to know what they are doing—on the web or elsewhere, then the level of knowledge is generally pretty low. I don't think this is a problem that needs "fixing" at our end.

If someone don't know what they are doing, then they may either stay ignorant for as long as they like, or do something about their own lack of knowledge.

Information about these things are everywhere, but that doesn't make it any easier for the ordinary web-surfer to find the right one. It is simply too much information around, and most of it is no good. We can't solve that problem at our end either.

On the other hand: if we can get around and know perfectly well what we're doing, then others can figure it out too. Here's a little about how to deal with information-overload.

knowledge sure helps…

Opera web browser - download

No lack of knowledge here. I know what a browser is and I know which one I'm using. I even know how to use it out here on the world wide web, so it's all "fixed" and working at my end.

I also know why I'm using this particular browser—Opera. However, that's a personal preference, so no big deal. I'll promote Opera whenever I can though.

Oh, just so you know: the solution is pretty much tailor-made at my end, but Opera isn't. Opera just happens to deliver most of what I want from a browser, and it fits right in everywhere.


We cats always manage to “fix” our own things, and we can “fix” a lot of other things too. We can't “fix” human ignorance though…

Even when it comes to my partner, the author, there's only one “fix” that'll work: If he doesn't know, then he better do something about it.

As I update this article when the year 2008 is coming to a close, the confusion may have eased a bit amongst the more seasoned web surfers. However, the number of humans accessing the web has increased over the years, and the level of knowledge doesn't seem to have grown with it – too many don't know what browser they use and how to use it.

The amount of information available on the web has also increased, but it appears as if the amount of disinformation and utter rubbish has grown fastest. Luckily it can be sorted through a combination of the right tools and a determined mind, so it isn't really much of a problem.

Opera is still the major problem-solver when it comes to all-things-web around here, and it hasn't let us down in our constant search for information and entertainment and what-not. Opera still covers more computers and Operating Systems than any other browser, and it does it well.

We do find the information we need when we surf around, and can keep on building on it into the future. What a simple “fix”.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 17.apr.2005
last rev: 15.dec.2008

Molly speaks up…

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