Molly speaks up…#2

…house on fire…

a short story…

Neighbor comes running - shouting: “your house is on fire!!!”.

Confused housewife replies: “no time for that now – got to clean the floor – expecting guests this afternoon”.

Miaoo-o-o... ever heard that one before?

I sure hope not, but if I make that an analogy for what happens all the time out here on the world wide web..?
Oh, you didn't get it anyway?    Well, neither did they.

help me, please…

dead herring

Super-fantastic web designer cries out for help: “the border is 3px off in browser 'E' - need urgent help to fix it”.

Helper: “Your page is broken in browser 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D', and looks terrible in 'F' and 'G' – this is how you fix…”.

Super-fantastic web designer: “never mind that, how do I fix those 3px!

Helper (mumbling to himself): “drop dead.

Miaoo-o-o... does that sound more familiar?
Miaoo-oh dear...

Why on earth do someone care about counting pixels, when the whole "design" is falling apart?

never-ending story…

When I slumber alongside my friend – the “not so super-fantastic web designer” – I sometimes hear that mumbling even though I'm not supposed to. I think I understand him.

I would like to scratch down an answer to that "super-fantastic web designer", and tell him what he can do with his 3px, but I'm too intelligent to do so. Someone else can do the dirty-work – if anyone cares.

I think the above is the story of the human race: one bug after another, followed by some new ones that are supposed to fix the previous ones but fails to do so and instead introduces some entirely new bugs (miao-puuh) and so on and so forth...
Miaoo-am I glad I'm not human (sorry about that, partner).

happy times…

Miaoo-yes, there are some of those – despite everything. A nice little bug-fix goes out, and a nice little web page turns up out here.

Doesn't matter if it's a nasty browser bug or one of the more ordinary human bugs that get fixed. The main thing is that another set of sweet little web pages floats around on the web for everyone to see. I like those.

Now, if only those “super-fantastic web designers” would learn something from the debugging-process, so they don't have to be spoon-fed every time!
A reminder should be enough.

all in a day's work…

I get to scratch the keyboards at times – carefully – and play with those mice. I am good at spotting bugs of all kinds, and point them out to my partner so he can find fixes for them. Sometimes I even get the pleasure of pointing out some of his own bugs, and that is most fun – for me…

Molly 'the cat' is the appointed chief inspector on this site. It's her prerogative to call on any assistance needed for any situation, so what she can achieve shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. — Georg

Sometimes I surf around and look at how well-behaving web pages – especially those with cat-pictures on them – act in my favorite browser – Opera, and I can't wait to get my paws on the next version released from Oslo – Norway. Glad there are some really intelligent humans around too.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 07.des.2004
last rev: 10.nov.2008

Molly speaks up…

what about that mouse?
Opera: be quiet, we're still on line.


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there's a cat loose...

...hide that dead herring...

Dear visitor:

There's a cat and mouse game going on.
Microsoft launches another bug, and we just have to catch it.
I'm good at this game, you know... miaoo.


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