Molly speaks up...#9

...illuminated page...


You know, I think my partner; the not so fantastic web carpenter, is in need of a check-up. This must be a clear sign of mental ballance loss.

I just hinted that a change of color would be fine, so he just reversed the color-code. #e0e8ff became #ffe8e0, and so here I am, trying to scratch down my notes, surrounded by this illuminating pink. I'm a cat for God's sake — not an old cartoon-figure.

this years colors…

It's supposed to be orange and blue this year, so maybe he isn't too far off. However, pink and orrange isn't exactly the same, and this page is screaming for some ballance. Yeah, I think Opera is right: he is lost — poor soul.

He even wanted to put this color in the main stylesheet, but I started to scratch the keyboard to pieces so he stopped short of that. "One page", I said, and even that is one too many.


Just look at the colors he uses on his own page. All his friends thinks he has gone over the top on that one, but he won't listen. Even I have a hard time defending him... ...and now? I wonder if there's a cure for his condition.

He doesn't take anything serious anymore. It's all just a game to him.

Ok, so I can be pretty playful at times too, but not all the time. There has to be limits.

what comes next..?

I'm unable to predict anything about the future, but it looks a bit grim. If my partner won't come to his senses pretty soon, then I think this site may suffer more than it can stand. I can't take care of everything around here on my own.

So, I'm hoping and praying — miaoo.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 01.mar.2005
rev: 01.mar.2005

Molly speaks up...

do you think we can fix him..?
Opera: no, he's lost…


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there's a cat loose…

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