Molly speaks up...#3

...chaotic web...

Molly on the chaotic web…

I'm an honest cat, so to be honest about it; I don't find the world wide web chaotic at all. So why should I scratch the keyboard about the chaotic web?

Well... some do find the web both strange and chaotic to the point of being dangerous for us web-surfers, so I might as well add a few words to the choir of complaints and explanations and all the other stuff you may find when you try to make some sense of it.

hackers heaven…

Hackers and other strange creatures are making the world wide web unsafe. Not all of them, but a few bad ones.

Yes, there are some good hackers around too, believe it or not. They are often busy searching for weak spots so they can be strengtened before the bad hackers finds them. Since all software have weak spots, these good hackers will have plenty to do for a long time to come. Maybe forever...
Miaoo- I'm glad they are around.

The bad hackers are those who use their knowledge about software to do bad things. They may destroy a website just for fun, or they may bypass security-barriers and firewalls and steal information, and maybe even do damage to vital parts of the software that we are depending on more and more in our daily life.

Viruses (cough-cough) may do a lot of damage on unprotected software, and they come in all shapes, colors and shades. We just have to keep our guard up, and at the same time remember that nothing other than complete, physical, disconnect from everything is safe enough. I think that's a little too much since I enjoy so much to be able to surf.

sρam - sρam - sρam - sρam…

Unwanted mail... You've seen a lot of that lately, haven't you? Some stupid creatures with nothing better to do, keep on inventing new ways to create automated mail for our junk-folders. I'd like to get my claws into some of those low-lifes one day. Not even their own mother would recognise them afterwards.

The most important thing to do is nothing followed by more nothing. Let your automated mail-client take care of the crap and kill it on sight. If your mail-client can't do it for you, then you should surf around for another piece of software that will get the job done.

Some use junk-mail blockers that stops mail before it gets to the mail-box. Sounds nice, but you may lose some control that way. At least make sure you know how to provide openings for the mail you want, or you may end up blocking almost everything.

there will be more…

Every time someone comes up with a good solution, there is bound to be some low-lifes that will try to turn it into a nightmare. That's human nature (thanks God I'm only a cat), and there is nothing we can do to prevent them from poisoning the web.

Well, those low-lifes are poisoning everything else, so it would be a real surprise if we should be able to avoid them on the web. But, we know how to deal with them in all walks of life – don't we?

let's play ball…

Yes-miaoo, I'm good at playing ball, you know. That little blue 'e' is really fun to play with. Guess that's all we can do with it, really, since so many low-lives are trying to exploit its security-weaknesses. No one in their right mind would use that little blue 'e' for anything serious – would they?

Well, I guess some do, as otherwise it wouldn't be such a good target. No use targeting me through it though.

As time goes by the number of alternatives to that little blue 'e' and other weak software grows, but so does the number of ways low-lives can get to and exploit our software over the internet. Better drink your milk and stay alert, as one never knows when those low-lives find a weak spot somewhere near us.

sincerely  molly 'the cat'

Hageland 02.des.2004
last rev: 14.nov.2008

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